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2093 Is there a difference between this Preservative free saline and a product such as Menicon LacriPure, that comes in the individual sized containers? 9/17/2017

2092 Do you ship to Peru? At how much? Thanks. 9/14/2017

2090 Hi there, I bought eyeseals a few months back and I really like it but it leaves me with crazy lines over my eyebrows about half the time. I'm a side sleeper mostly and have an oval face - not super wide. Do you think quartz would be better? thanks 9/11/2017

2089 Hi, I've just been diagnosed with gougerot-sj?gren, extremely dry eyes with corneal ulcers and frequent keratitis. I live in France and moisture chambers or eye protecting glasses are not common. I cannot find any dealers in France to try out glasses. I have a rather large oval face, need preferably prescription glasses (-4,5 min). Rather not see than be in pain, so if I cannot get prescription lenses, it almost doesn't matter to me. Any recommendations ? I've been strolling through your website . . . 9/10/2017

2088 Is it possible to open your eyes while wearing these, or is the built in window for someone to ensure your eyes stay closed? 8/28/2017

2086 I am preparing to reorder PuriLens Plus Saline 4oz (24). Since this is a 48-week supply I'd like to know the expiration date of what you are shipping. Thanks, Terry 8/24/2017

2080 I currently use a hybrid lens (gas permeable with a soft apron). My daily cleaning regimen consists of ClearCare, Lobob Sofpro2 and Purilens Plus. Can I use the Boston one step liquid enzymatic cleaner, even though it says not for soft contacts? 8/18/2017

2078 Interested in ortolux air. My doctor wants me to cover my eyes at night because I am a side sleeper her. A couple of times he has discovered my lower eyelashes facing into my eye. Since I have had cataract surgery on both eyes and a corneal transplant in my right eye I believe this is why he wants me to take good care of my eyes. It has been very difficult to find something that is comfortable and doesn't slip around when I'm sleeping. is Ortolux Air reusable? It appears that the price is for just . . . 8/10/2017

2076 I purchased both the Tranquil Eyesand the Quartz. I am having a problem with strap slipping on my (long) hair at night, with the goggles coming off. Any suggestions for how to keep them on? 8/8/2017

2074 Sorry missed it with first comment. Question, two sizes Standard and XL, but you offer no information on the measurements of the product. Please include measurements, and example of what product each size accommodates. I wear Boston Prose prosthetic lenses, one size must be more appropriate, otherwise we are relegated to call, leave a message and wait, holding up our order. Thanks!! 8/7/2017

2073 Not so much a question as confirming your assertion in the description, Holy Smoke $12! For that the lense should jump onto my cornea. Thanks, will order, need help due to Central Nervous System issues, losing limb control. 8/7/2017

2072 A Friend of mind in the UK who has significant dry eye problems has recommended Glo To SleepGTS-1000 and GTS 2000. I need a moisture chamber at night. These look very comfortable. Would these work? 8/2/2017

2071 Hi. I like my Ziena glasses and want to have prescription lenses put in. I have the prescription from my doctor. If I come over from Seattle, can I just bring the glasses and prescription with me? Can you put in the lenses there? Thanks, Barbara 8/2/2017

2070 Hi - It seems I cannot order Tranquieyes from Quebec or Ontario. I have been a customer for years. What is the issue and what can I do? Thank you. 7/30/2017

2068 Do I send a written prescription to you for the lenses? If so how do I go about doing that ? 7/23/2017