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2068 Do I send a written prescription to you for the lenses? If so how do I go about doing that ? 7/23/2017

2067 hiya, I have a strange question for you. I have the terrible habit of sleeping on my hand, and in the night this always ends up with my knuckels pressing on my eyeballs for hours, when I wake up i have pain and trouble seeing from the pressure! So weird! I am wondering if one of your products would work for me in a protective eye way? Thanks for your time! 7/22/2017

2063 I wanted to place a order this weekend when you had free shipping and I only order over the phone, but you are not open on the weekends. Is the free shipping still available if I order during this week? 7/16/2017

2059 I suffer from severe dry eyes, including meibomian gland dysfunction (probably due to extreme inflammation). It has been many years (decades) since I last wore contact lenses. I'm wondering if there is a type of contacts now that might actually help keep the eye surface moisturized. Do you know if such a thing exists? Thank you. 7/11/2017

2058 Which cleaners are safe to use with lenses that have Hydra-PEG coating? 7/10/2017

2055 Do you ship Purilens to Florence, Italy? I will be renting an apartment (through a rental agency there) for 3+ weeks in September. I will need about 50 bottles. Thanks, 7/1/2017

2053 Are all polarized lenses also sharp view. I would like both but the choice isn't available on the drop down box. 6/17/2017

2052 I just ordered, however you charged shipping of $11.95 How do I get rid of the charges 6/16/2017

2050 My mailing address is a PO Box not a residential address. Will my order go to that address. Thank you. Kate 6/14/2017

2046 Do you cary CLEAR CARE PLUS cleaning and disinfecting solution. I find it much better than the regular CLEAR CARE solution. So far I've only been able to obtain it from my optometrist. 6/11/2017

2043 Can this product be used for the removal of hybrid lenses? 5/29/2017

2037 How do I activate the thermoeyes gel? 5/15/2017

2035 Hi, are any of your discounted/returned Ziena Verona the new style, e.g. with the nose support? Thanks ? 5/10/2017

2034 These work pretty well but one of the packs broke after a week or so. I wonder if anyone has tried getting the large gel bead compress at the drug store, putting some of those beads in the little sleeve and sewing the edges? That could save a lot of money 5/9/2017

2033 How do I change my password 5/9/2017