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2127 Other than the ziena, do any other have the deep silicone cup? 11/20/2017

2124 Hi - A previous response included: "custom moisture chamber glasses where a skilled optician fits clear panels on existing glasses" Can you explain what you mean? Or, more to the point - is it possible for an optician to fit lenses into a pr of moisture chamber glasses that I order here? I ask, because I don't live in the US and my prescription in one eye is over 5, and the limit of what I have (Briza - and may get more of) is +4. Would it be possible for my local optician to put her own lenses . . . 11/19/2017

2123 Hi! I've been using the Eye Seals 4.0 since Sept 2016. It's a great product, but I'm having 2-3 problems w/ it 1)After about a month, the silicon starts to loosen up, loses a bit of it's shape, feels a bit stretched maybe. I still manage to get a seal since I rub some of my eye drops around the edge and that helps provide suction 2)Related to the above - the eyepiece ends up touching my eyelashes...maybe a teeny bit of the lid, not sure.This makes it somewhat less comfortable to wear, though . . . 11/19/2017

2122 Hi! I want to buy Ziena glasses. Is it only sunglasses? Because I am short-sighted so can I change the lens to fit my degree of short-sight? Also, what is the estimated delivery cost to Hong Kong. Thanks. 11/18/2017

2121 I'm running low on Refresh pm ointment and saw in your newsletter that they're supposed to be restocked in December. Can I pre-order some so that as soon as they come in it will ship? Also, I have tried the Genteal nighttime ointment and don't like the formula; is the Systane nighttime ointment more like the Genteal or more like the Refresh PM? (Genteal is more of a gel, Refresh pm is more like vaseline). I've tried the Equate brand version of refresh pm and it SUCKS! Thanks 11/16/2017

2117 I ordered the tranquileyes advanced kits with beads in instant therapy. Is this something I can wear overnight during my sleep? Thank you 11/6/2017

2115 Can you recommend a one or a few eye covers to try in the sampler pack for people whose eyes do not close all the way at night? I am currently using mepitak tape, but I would prefer if possible a bubble so there isn't pressure on my eyes. It also would be great to have a moisture seal as my eyes are very dry. If this is at all possible. 11/4/2017

2113 Can I use this with glaucoma meds? Soecifically, Travatan Z? 11/3/2017

2112 Hello Rebecca. Is it possible that i can buy the Ziena moisture chamber glasses to Germany? And how much would be the cargo price ? 11/2/2017

2111 I just got scleral lenses. The dr had to give me 2 prose cases and break the baskets off to accomidate my large lenses they both won't fit in the same case. He gave me your web address to order your case. Will it work? One is 18mm a little more than average depth. The other is 22mm and about 3/8" to a 1/2" deep 10/31/2017

2110 Why do you all use that horrible service UPS for your shipping? I recently ordered some supplies from you all and it is taking terribly long to get the items! If you had used FedEx it would have been here by now. I WILL make my next purchase for these supplied from the Internet store who can get them to me in the fastest time without me paying a premium for it. Preston 10/28/2017

2108 I am looking for a sleep mask that applies pressure to my eyelids while I sleep. I had one yresrs ago and never found anything since. Was the best most relaxing sleep feeling your eyelids someonwhat heavy. What can you recommend? 10/14/2017

2107 Can this be used for floppy eye post surgery such that it won't touch the eye/eyelid? We've tried the eye seals 4.0 but it doesn't work well. Eyelid still flipped up occasionally so I think it's not "stiff" enough to prevent pressure on eye/eyelid. Thank you. 10/13/2017

2105 Is Clear Care safe for plasma coated sclerals? I have 15.6 mm. Should I use the larger PROSE case? Is an additional "rub" cleaner necessary and would Simplus be ok? 10/12/2017

2104 I wear PROSE lens and my dad wear Scleral lens. is there a lubricant drop you would recommend that we use? Thanks, Fernando 10/11/2017