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1979 Hello, I bought the goggles for your shop and generally they seem to work just fine. But I have one question... it seems a lot of times when I roll around in my sleep, the goggles fall off overnight and I wake up to them not being around my head anymore. But if I'd strap it any tighter it would make it too uncomfortable to fall asleep. Is there anything I can do about this? Thank you in advance. 2/16/2017

1978 For those of us who sleep with eye ointment, is this mask washable on a daily basis? If yes, how long will it last if it is washed with a gentle soap daily? 2/15/2017

1977 Hi I am also very confused about the products: -If I have very dry eyes during the night shall I go for cold or warm? I do not close mys eyes proeprly - Instants or pads - Thermoyes or Tranquileyes? What's the difference? 2/15/2017

1976 I have a couple of these straps & the Tranquileyes goggle. One of the strap ends started falling out all the time & that's when I inspected the plastic button that stretch-fits into the goggle. Turns out that one button is .200" diameter and the other is .275". It is the .200" button that won't stay in the goggle. What size are the strap-attachment buttons on these straps? And are the buttons on both ends the same size? 2/14/2017

1975 Hi There, Do you ship to Canada? If so can you let me know the shipping cost to Alberta T6R 2B6? I'm looking to buy: AddiPak Sterile PF Saline 5mL (Box of 100) Thanks Linda 2/12/2017

1973 Does the vented type also come in colors? If so, which colors? 2/7/2017

1972 Does Tranquileyes foam contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds)? 2/3/2017

1970 Hello, Can you ship PuriLens Plus Saline to South Africa? Have you shipped this product to South Africa in the past? Thank you 2/2/2017

1969 I purchased the Niteye for my mother, who has Bell's Palsy. Her eye droops severely. The description at the bottom of the page indicates that there are long term solutions instead of the disposable Niteye. Please let me know what those are. Thank you. 2/2/2017

1968 Hi, I am living in England. I would like to buy one of glasses which is totally 64 pound plus cargo and it will be 80 pound totally. Please let me know my I pay any extra cost for customs duties in UK or do you know any limit to NOT PAY. Best regards, 1/29/2017

1965 Hi Rebecca, I have severe dry eye in just 1 eye. The Tranquileyes sound like a good solution, but I have a question: my eyes are very close set and I have a narrow bridge. Do you think these would fit me? If not, what other option would you recommend? Is there something for just one eye that could still use the moisture pads? Thank you. 1/15/2017

1963 I am looking for a moisture chamber for day use, but only for the right eye, not both. I have Bell's Palsy. I would like one for night also, again, only for one eye if possible. I f 1/13/2017

1961 Hello, I've been using Menicon CDS for about a year on my Jupiter Scleral lenses. It has been discontinued so I have been trying Lobob and all of the other multipurpose RGP solutions with limited success. I have ordered the larger Prose case to try the peroxide cleaning systems, but am looking for clarification on the process. The Prose case is larger than the standard cases that are included with the peroxide systems so is a longer soak time required for the catalyst disk to neutralize the larger . . . 1/9/2017

1960 Hello, Can you provide higher prescriptions? or know someone who can? I'm -6.25 Thank you 1/4/2017

1959 Could do with some advice on best choice of eyewear,I'm using a Resmed Air Fit F10 full face mask (large) & have quite a large head,is there a fitting guide or size chart ETC I can use. Wouldnt be an issue if nor shipping to UK but want to make sure choice is best I can make. Please reply ASAP 12/31/2016