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1997 I wear scleral lenses and suffer with dry eye. I love wearing the lens, but find after 4 or 5 hours they are so blurry from build up that it appears I am looking through smoke. I have used Blink for Contacts but when I do they seem to blur up..Question, I use AddiPak vials when putting the lenses in, is this something I can do periodically during the day? Can I just use a drop or two while the lenses are in my eyes? 3/22/2017

1996 The manufacturer's instructions on this product say to wash with antibacterial soap, but I understand the FDA is requiring these products to be discontinued. What should I use instead? 3/21/2017

1994 Hi, I need a receipt please from you for a 1/17/17 purchase costing $34.86. The Flexible Spending account says that they need a better receipt than what you sent them. Debra 3/16/2017

1993 Do you know if the ScleralFil vials can be re-capped? and can they stand up? 3/15/2017

1990 I was looking at the 7Eye Briza Airshield (Glossy Black) I usually buy Maui Jim sunglasses as I love their lenses. I just am concerned about lens quality. Is this returnable if I order this lens? 3/7/2017

1989 I am interested in you soft lens DMV remover tool however I have normal day soft lenses and don't use lenses specifically for dry eyes would I still be able to use this tool? 3/6/2017

1987 Regarding Replacement Foam kit for Evader 1: Would these work on my sports sunglasses that fit over my eyeglasses. They don't fit as snugly as I'd like and thought this might fill in the gaps. Thanks. 3/2/2017

1985 How often should the eye cup be replaced? Thanks 3/1/2017

1984 Question on skin reaction to kit-- I purchased the Dry eye starter kit a few months back and I just loved it. After a month or so I noticed that my left eye in the corner was puffy/swollen and red down to my lower cheek area, so I thought it was time to change the foam pads (oops!). After changing and buying gentle wash cleanser, every time I use them, that outer corner and my lid still gets very swollen and sometimes peels, so I can't use anymore. It definitely seems to be a reaction, it never happens . . . 3/1/2017

1983 Hi! You mentioned you cleaned yours with the hydrogen peroxide cleaner, which is what is use. Then you said you rinse them. With what? I'm still confused about what I'm supposed to rinse and what's ok not to rinse, with saline solution, I'm guessing. Thanks! 3/1/2017

1981 I bought eyeseals 4 about a year ago, and have been using them continually since. It seems that now they are not working to keep my eyes lubricated as they were when I first purchased them. The slip more and many times my eyes are irritated when I wake up. This did not happen earlier. Do these eyeseals wear out after a year? do they have a life expectancy? any suggestions would help. 2/27/2017

1980 How do I redeem the $10 off next purchase of $50 or more? 2/25/2017

1979 Hello, I bought the goggles for your shop and generally they seem to work just fine. But I have one question... it seems a lot of times when I roll around in my sleep, the goggles fall off overnight and I wake up to them not being around my head anymore. But if I'd strap it any tighter it would make it too uncomfortable to fall asleep. Is there anything I can do about this? Thank you in advance. 2/16/2017

1978 For those of us who sleep with eye ointment, is this mask washable on a daily basis? If yes, how long will it last if it is washed with a gentle soap daily? 2/15/2017

1977 Hi I am also very confused about the products: -If I have very dry eyes during the night shall I go for cold or warm? I do not close mys eyes proeprly - Instants or pads - Thermoyes or Tranquileyes? What's the difference? 2/15/2017