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2022 Hi. I'd like to know which warm compress mask you would recommend for MGD patients. If the best one is on the more expensive side (+$100) then a secondary, less expensive recommendation would be appreciated as well. I'd like options to recommend to patients. Thanks! 4/25/2017

2021 Can the glasses do progressive lens 4/25/2017

2020 can i pay by PayPal? The usability of your onlineshop is not really perfect. hartd to find informations about pay-conditions! 4/25/2017

2018 In shopping masks - is using saran wrap either on the eyes or to line the mask- would you say moisture retention is comparable to a mask? I'm having difficulty with sleep comfort with a goggles but also having infections so am thinking I need to move away from wrap on my eyes. and might try lining the mask but need optimal moisture retention. Im a stomach sleeper tryig to convert :) I found the tranquilness too bulky and am thinking of trying the eyeseals or onyx but an concerned they may be too . . . 4/24/2017

2017 Would you recommend the EyeSeals over the TranaquilEyes for stomach sleepers? Are they basically designed the same? with the Seals not having the foam around the eye cup? 4/23/2017

2016 Can this cleaner be used with sclerals that have tangible hydra peg coating? Please advise and thanks! 4/23/2017

2012 I have the 7eye Bora and would like to know if it's possible to change the air shield for a clear one? The dark shield is great but sometimes blocks my peripheral vision when driving and looking left to change lanes. I have keratoconus and my left eye is more involved than my right. 4/19/2017

2011 I use a lot of Refresh Optive Advanced 30ct vials. Do you carry these for bulk order, or something equivalent? Thank you. S=== 4/19/2017

2008 I use ClearCare every night w/my scleral lenses. For rinsing, insertion & removal, I use Purilens, and for cleaning, I use a Boston cleanser. Can I actually put this product into the case and solution of Clear Care, that I use every night? 4/14/2017

2007 Could you tell me if this product will fit over my normal eye glasses. 4/13/2017

2006 Do you sell Retaine pm I cant find it anywhere 4/9/2017

2005 Hello, I purchased the Eyeseals 4.0 in December last year. It seems to have stretched now and I was thinking of getting a replacement. Your Feb 2017 newsletter says the product has grommet upgrade. Can you explain what that means? Is the product on your website the upgraded version? I want to buy the correct one especially since it is $$$. Thanks 4/9/2017

2004 I ordered the cleaning case for a large prose lens but there is no disk in the bottom that is used in the regular cleaning case. Now can I buy that disk and put it in the bottom of the prose cleaning basket case? I ordered the case from here and it is on back order and now wondering if I should have ordered more than one and if I can get the disk I would like to order them? to. My prose lens doesn't fit right in the cleaning case that comes in the clear clean hydrogen peroxide. So, can you help me . . . 4/5/2017

2003 Do you carry a flat screw top lens case for PROSE lens? I would like one that is not the disinfecting basket to use for traveling on long flights. Thank you 4/5/2017

2001 If I want a darker lens which type do I order?Sharpview or Polorized? 3/30/2017